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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  February 17, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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times. >> bad. awful. >> reporter: employees say people in the fast food restaurant watched in horror and customers witnessed it as well. neighbors said she tried to get help from an abusive husband securing a restraining order against him. the two had separated and were in the process of getting a divorce. two neighbors who did not want to appear on camera describe a woman living in fear. >> she confided in them that he beat her often and one time she was so embarrassed she wouldn't come to the door because she had two black eyes. i'm scott broom on georgia avenue where montgomery county is considering how much it wants to regulate roadside panhandling. gary lee banks does not hesitate to step out into four lanes of traffic on new hampshire avenue at powder mill road. >> reporter: he claimed to be raising money for a ministry but he couldn't tell me who the pathsor was. >> panhandling is dangerous to both the panhandler and driver. >> reporter: safety is just one
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issue montgomery counties' roadd -- issue montgomery county is trying to deal with. the county council is supporting a bill on the maryland general assembly that would allow montgomery to regulate roadside soliciting with permits. i'm delia gonclaves on the 1400 block of tuckerman streets in north west washington. tenants who live in these apartment buildings are filing suit against their landlord. dave nunan. he has already spent two years behind bars violating tenant laws. >> reporter: city inspectors took a look inside the building. snapping pictures of the numerous code violations including expired fire extinguishers and torn out smoke alarms. an apartment building that has already tested positive for lead in one hallway has chipping paint in several units
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where children live with their families. >> there was some severe housing code violations. i came out personally to make sure it got the priority it should be given. >> reporter: in north west,delia gonclaves, 9 news now. friends and family said a final farewell today to two people gunned down in manassas this morning. three others were wounded at two houses just blocks apart. a 37-year-old illegal immigrant is charged in those killings. dc activists who want to vote in congress are putting their collective voices together and taking it straight to the speaker of the house. today demonstrators march madness over to republican's john baynor's capitol hill townhouse demanding representation. they told the speaker if the government cuts more funding to dc, the city will lose valuable resources. >> the nation's capitol and what we call the cradle of
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american democracy, we still practice hypocracy. the idea that people can be taxed and washington dc pays the highest per capita tax than any jurisdiction in the country and still not have representation in congression. >> it would prohibit them from spending their own money on aids and assisting women on reproductive services. just this evening the senate committee voted 7-4 in favor of the same-sex marriage bill that clears the way for gay marriage in the state. that yes vote sends the legislation over to the full senate. the next week you might want to plan on some vigorous debate up in annapolis. governor martin o'malley is on record saying he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. president obama is urging tim kaine to run for the senate next year. in virginia the president says the former governor would be a
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great public servant for the people of virginia and ought to try to succeed jim webb, who is retiring. several democrats say tim kaine needs more time to think about it and is still weighing it. they have to defend 23 senate seats and many are in swing states like virginia. a version of president obama's dream act might be coming to maryland. the new legislation would allow kids of illegal immigrants to pay instate tuition for college. state senator victor ramirez says students should not be penalized for their parents' choices. he proposees two children that have been in school two years and if parents pay the taxes they should get the tuition. should the kids of illegal immigrants be able to pay the instate tuition after their family's pay maryland income taxes or is that somehow
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rewarding those that came into the country illegally. if you didn't get a chance to spend some time outside today you, my friend, missed out. we found folks out in force taking advantage of this unseasonably warm weather. some were out hitting the golf courses, others slipping out of the office a bit early. regardless of what they were doing a lot of folks said it is just great to be out. >> we met for a girl's lunch and decided to come out here and chose this place because it had an outdoor spot to be. >> getting out here to the golf range and trying to get some of the rust off the swing. >> but some others took advantage of the warmer temps by running errands like, for example, getting the old car washed and we found some long lines at those area businesses and surely they will only get worse as the days get longer. here is the best news about the weather. it is going to get even warmer. chief meteorologist topper shutt is live on the weather terrace with the details. we have got the light jackets. we know what that means. >> it is not cold outside.
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it is maybe just chilly tonight but in terms of february standards it will be unbelievably mild. let's start with the temperatures. we are looking at temps after a high of 72 down to 57 at national but still in the low 60s in gaithersburg and fredericks 61. 63 in leesburg and 57 also in manassas. satellite picture we had a few clouds come in, a few clouds overnight and we may have some clouds tomorrow that may keep temperatures down just a little bit. for tonight though we will just say high clouds, breezy, mild. 42-52. going to stay above 50 degrees downtown tonight. winds southwest 10 to 15. we will come back, look at record highs. we do have snow in the forecast. we will explain. >> thank you, topper. we are all feeling the pain every time we go to fill up. and, folks, that is likely to get even worse. right now the national average for regular unleaded $3.15 per gallon but some experts say by spring motorists might be
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shelling out $3.50 to $3.75. >> we encourage every driver to use fuel efficiently as possible. tune your car regularly. keep your tires properly inflated. slow down. >> he says the rising price of crude is to blame. that with the strengthening global demand, lower production and unrest in the middle east have drivers paying the highest for fuel in the last two years. as orr -- as the pain at the pump, are electric cars the answer? a stinky problem. as the temperatures rise so does the stinky bug infestation. how to deal with those pesky bugs. that's coming up in a minute. 9 news now is brought to you by geico.
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we just told you about the sky rocketing prices at the pump. so does it pay to buy an electric car? lindsey mastis does the math. >> i love it. >> reporter: samantha sawyer is buying her first new car trying to decide between the chevy cruise and its countser part the volt. if she keeps the car for five years which would be cheaper in the long run? we had a look at both. the volt.
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>> the sticker price on this vehicle is 44,195. there is a $7500 rebate offered by the u.s. government. >> reporter: he says it costs about $1. 50 to charge it. >> you can drive up to 40 miles on a full charge. >> reporter: after that it reverts to gas. he says it takes premium and touts getting 37 miles per gallon on the highway. now the cruise. >> the cost is 26,280. >> reporter: it gets 36 gallons per gallon on the highway and takes regular gas. so which is the better buy. >> personally i think the better buy would be the chevy volt in terms of paying for gas fuel. >> reporter: we crunched crunched the numbers ourselves. we looked at three popular commutes. bethesda to downtown, woodbridge to the pentagon and winchester to tyson's corner. in each case the volt costs less in gas but at $10,000 more
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in up front costs the cruise was the better buy and that's something samantha sawyer noticed right away. >> it was almost twice as expensive as this car which is what i liked about this car is it was cheap, great fuel economy. >> reporter: in rockville, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> we did ask the dealership about maintenance costs and they said the volt may require lower oil changes. they both have five-year, 100,000-mile warranties. would you perhaps consider buying an electric car or do you want the engine that was good enough for your dad and therefore it is good for you. e-mail me at if weekend plans don't include doing something outside you'll want to change them after you hear what is in store over the next few days. weather wise. topper is back to fill us in. the boys of summer begin spring training in florida.
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brett haber is with the nationals. he will give us the swing by swing update. stay with us. úú7ú
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one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? spring has officially sprung for the washington nationals. spring training began in earnest today in vierra, florida, and brett haber was there with the team where all eyes were fixed upon one guy in particular. >> reporter: it is a sight nats management and nats fans have
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been breathlessly waiting to see. steven strausburg throwing again. >> the ball felt almost too light because for the month before that i was throwing a 2- pound ball into a trampoline and all of a sudden you pick up a baseball and you can't really feel it coming out of your hands. >> reporter: five months removed from the tommy john surgery that reconstructed his elbow. he began the process of reintroducing himself to baseball. but it is just that. a process. >> we have to let it play out and let those months go off the calendar and when he gets back we will know. >> get back a little bit sooner and be pitching up there a little bit sooner when it can jeopardize an entire career. i don't want to fizzle out in the next couple years. i want to have a long successful career. >> reporter: no one knows that better better than fellow national starter jordan zimmerman. the 24 year old had his own
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tommy john surgery two years ago and made it back to the majors last year and he understands the itch to do too much too fast. >> there is no sense in rushing if you just take your time and -- i mean, most guys have setbacks. so if you have a setback, so be it. and i know the way he works and his effort he puts into everything. >> reporter: the question everyone wants answered is after he heals, will steven strausburg still be the untouchable fire ball that he was before? he says just watch. >> i'm not going to let doubting myself take control especially during this time. this is a challenge obviously. i'm up for the challenge. i have always been up for any challenge presented to me. >> reporter: the spoke with the nats general manager today and he is not ruling out the possibility that steven strausburg could return this september. brett haber with the nationals,
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9sports now. >> thank you, brett. happy day for nats fans when that day comes. we are talking about those stink bugs crawling out of insulation in record numbers heading out to devour your fields and gardens. experts say you should sweep them up and drowned them in soapy water. vacuum may be your first line of defense however remember it can get stinky. bag them up and throw them in the trash. at this point there is no pesticide approved by regulators to use. >> i think what you're going to do, the best thing for people to do right now is not to freak out. don't panic, simply get out the vacuum as these shows up, vacuum them out but vacuum these guys up, get rid of them. >> stink bugs like warm. >> flee to canada if you're going anywhere. a powerful pesticide has been tried 22 times and has failed to work. it did not save the crops. there is a trap out there on
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the market now for stink bugs but the bug man says it has yet to be proven effective. so we are helpless before the onslaught. >> the onslaught is coming in the spring. i hear shrieks around my house. >> my wife. >> i thought the stink bugs were shrieking. >> no. they do just before they go up the vacuum cleaner. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we would be thrilled if these were the high temperatures in mid-february. temperatures still 62 in fairfax, 61 in reston. still 63 in bethesda. actually the coolest spot is 57 at national. 58 up in laurel. here is the deal. if we hit 70 tomorrow and we think we will at least in one airport that will be three of the five days we hit 70 or
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higher. that's crazy for mid-february. breezy and mild tonight. breezy and warm again on friday and a cold front will go through late tomorrow that will make us a little bit cooler over the weekend but nothing arctic in the forecast for a while. tonight, high clouds, breezy, mild. more like april. if you're downtown and inside the beltway you'll probably hold at 50 or higher tonight even in the burbs not that cold for this time of year. 47 in rockville is a bargain. 44 in gaithersburg. 44 in fairfax. maybe even 43 in leesburg which is still not that cold depending how far west you are and time the year it is. you'll need your sunglasses tomorrow but there will be more and mid-level clouds. by afternoon, partlyly sunny, breezy, warm. slight chance of shower an sprinkling. primarily late in the day toward the evening with a cold front. high temperatures around 70. the front does not have a lot of moisture with it.
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there is a slight chance of a shower. spring in winter. we have got it. record high tomorrow at dulles at 73. set back in 1981. we might get there if the clouds aren't around. 71 springfield. college park. bowie. to the west. even 70 in fairfax and reston. out towards sterling and leesburg, because the clouds come in a bit earlier that may keep you in the upper 60s. still a good deal. next three days. 70 tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle. cooler on saturday 55. not crazy cold. it will be kind of crazy windy on saturday. then upper 50s on sunday. little bit milder and less wind. next seven days. hard to believe we are going to have rain on monday for president's day. and, yes, that rain could turn to snow monday night as colder air moves in. it is february after all. could be some snow for the morning commute on tuesday. temperatures go back into the low 40s. doesn't stay cold very long.
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low 50s next wednesday. 60 with maybe a few showers late next thursday. so not that bad. >> when you say crazy windy saturday, how crazy? >> 30 miles per hour. >> doesn't sound good, does it. >> weird news file. first, deep blue the computer wins at chest. watson the computer wins on "jeopardy." could robot runners win the marathon? they were showing their stuff in a training session. here they are. three tiny two-legged guys. >> rivetting. >> one dude with wheels zooming around. the race is february 24th. they have to go around this 100-meter track. 422 times to finish the 26- mile. i know what you're thinking. that could take days. actually, an estimated four days to be exact. the robots are allowed to have their batteries recharged but if they fall, they have got to be able to get up on their own which apparently they can do. i know this looks weak but
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remember there was a time when a computer couldn't beat topper at tic-tac-toe. >> toyota, moving forward. >> i think it is one of the best free weather apps out there. always stuff i wanted or needed to know. way to go topper. >> well, thank you. >> get daily, hourly and ten- day forecast. severe weather alerts and more. the weather app. free on your iphone, ipod touch. download it today.
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massive reaction on the facebook page to our story on the continuing stink bug invasion. apparently we humans not the only ones who dig the warm
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weather. sandy writes, ugh, wonder how the chinese addressed this problem from where they came? not impressed by those stink bugs pictured in bruce leshan's story. my parents over in jefferson maryland had hundreds of thousands crawling all over their house and garage. also the vehicles too. they were everywhere. the china stink bug invasion. and listen to this one. they are not supposed to bite but you never know. we have been terrible. we use the shop vac on them on our back deck. we can't even go out there and eat or just enjoy the evening without them flying all around. there is no way to keep them out. finally you have steven who is trying to look at the bright side sort of. what's worse, a bunch of stink bugs that go outside when it is warm cause little damage inside and don't really stink unless you mess with them or being on a crowded elevator with a group of people who have overdone it
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with cologne and perpume. you know what, personally i would go with the elevator because that discomfort lasts only a minute or two and our stink bug friends will be bugging us for a while apparently. feel free to bug me anytime you like in mcginty's mail bag. the address is and, of course, there is the wusa facebook page. that is our report. i will be right back here tonight at 11:00 p.m. with anita brikman. don't forget, log on anytime to see you later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. sandra bullock, the other woman, is she cashing in? >> i've been viewed as the villain. breaking up you know, america's sweetheart's marriage. >> celebrity bad girls making big bucks. how much money is jesse james' former mistress making now. >> given the chance, you would do it all again. then, letterman versus lohan. >> it turns out we were duped. >> was dave set up by lindsay's dad? >> boy is my face red. mickey's wife and stepson come to "e.t." to tell us their side. have you seen abuse? allegations he was denied food and medications were being wealth held. and why there is a padlock on his refrigerator. >> i know he feels really sad.


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